Mike Holton
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Posted: Tuesday May 26, 2009

Hello:  I just want everyone to know how pleased, excited and thankful I am to have found Dr. Burgstiner's Complete Thymic Formula. I am also grateful for his dedication and hard work to invent this formula as there are many of us who prefer to take the natural way to treat an illness and to maintain good health rather than take harsh medications. 

         In 1988 I was diagnosed with non A, non B hepatitis, back then it was not named hepatitis C and apparently not considered life threatening either.  I landed in the hospital a few days after getting a tetanus shot due to being bit by a dog.  I was jaundice and was having convulsions.  My ALT's were off the charts and I was bed ridden for a week.  After that bad experience I got better and of course my doctor told me not to drink alcohol and eat healthy and I did what she said but I still felt weak.  Years went by and I experimented with different supplements with little results.  More than 10 years had passed when I went in for a physical and had blood work done.  I had always had my liver enzyme tested every 6 months but I had to change doctors and she picked up on the non A, non B blood work done years before; tested for hepatitis C and sure enough there it was.  The PCR showed a count of over 1 million.  I was scared and felt cheated that I had not known this a long time ago since non A and non B was finally considered hepatitis C around 1991. My new doctor wanted me to get a liver biopsy and see a specialist but after looking it up on the internet and seeing the treatment options I decided to opt out on that.  So in 1997 I stumbled across Dr. Burgstiner's website and starting ordering the CTF.  It made a wonderful difference in how I felt...feel.  My energy level sky rocketed, my attitude got back to normal. When I was sluggish I felt cranky. I know this because when I go off of it for one week every 4 months to cycle it out of my system I really feel the difference.  This formula has and is renewing my energy level and is keeping my ALT's in normal range for 13 years and counting.  I never get sick or miss work.  As best as I can figure, I've had hepatitis C since 1981 when I received blood after my last c section while having my son. He is now 28 yrs old. 

        I'm still going strong and healthy and I plan to live to be a very old lady and without meds.  Never have taken them but that is my choice.  I also choose not to drink any alcohol what so ever, that's the worst you can do for your liver.  I am not claiming to be cured because I have not had a PCR done since 1998 which may sound crazy but again..it's my choice. 

        I recommend CTF to everyone, hepatitis or not.  I listen to people who suffer with so many different ailments whose immune systems aren't compromised by a deadly virus and then I feel my good health... I know it is by the grace of my creator that I was shown the way to what I was looking for and now I can help others.  The doctor I have now is astonished.  Life is good.  Thanks Burgstiners for carrying on your fathers legacy.  






Mike Holton
8:53:54 AM

I started taking this product about 15 years ago because I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. I haven't been to a Gastroenterologist in over 4 years. I feel better than I ever had before and I give the Complete Thymic Formula and the (Lord Jesus Christ - first) the credit. I liked the results so much I became a distributor in 2004. I now take the protocol every day. Another little side note I hardly ever get a common cold. Thank you Dr. Burgstiner and staff for your product and your professional support. You have been and continue to be a blessing to me and my family. If you feel run down and tired all of the time may I suggest you give this natural way of building up your immune system to fight off sickness and disease. My web site is www.thymic.net. God bless, Mike Holton - Grovetown, Georgia
1:24:46 PM

God Bless you, John and your team. I suffer from commom variable autoimmune defiency. I
COULD not live a normal life without your thymic formula and all the products I use from your company. BRAVO. John I know this company is professional, your integity is far above others. I trust your company and wish you many blessings.
Nancy P. - Indian Harbor Beach FL
11:00:11 PM
Best multiple vitamin and mineral supplement I have ever used
I am so happy that I learned about your products from a passenger on a cruise we were taking. The Thymic Formula is the best multiple vitamin and mineral supplement I have ever used.
Susan H. - Ovilla TX
6:25:04 PM
Blessings to All on Your 15 Years
We are very thankful for the Thymic Formula.
Renee Johnson
1:24:47 PM
Dear Logos Nutritionals:
I just wanted to let you know that I love your products! My favorite is the 'Thymic Formula.' I take it daily and I feel incredible. So THANK YOU for continuing to produce quality products for the world.
Renee Johnson
Clara S. - Kingsland GA
11:04:48 PM
Every time I try something cheaper....I go back to the original Thymic Formula!
Thanks for getting my orders promply and correct. I am currently using the Complete Thymic Formula for about 14 years now and every time I try something cheaper....I go back to the original Thymic Formula!
Sonja S. - Sydney Australia
11:10:55 PM
Excellent product!
The Complete Thymic Formula is an excellent product! Congratulations on 15 years anniversary of this good good product.
Lauryn H. - Grovetown GA
6:35:38 PM
Going Like the Energizer Bunny!
It keeps me going and going like the energizer bunny!
Mike H. - Grovetown GA
6:38:20 PM
"Greatest Vitamin Ever Sold"!
You have heard "Greatest Story Ever Told" and I say "Greatest Vitamin Ever Sold"! God Bless.
Glenda Fitch
12:53:20 PM
Hepatitis c Miracle
I have been told by Dr's I have Hep C.I took it for over 9 years and to be crazy to save money I stopped. after about a year was not feeling up to par. Liver test not good high.Got to thinking oh no not taking my Thymic Formula. went back on it the 8th of Aug 20011.. and already today is the 13th...NOW THIS IS HARD TO BELIEVE FLOLKS.... With the God Lord About and THYMIC FORMULA... FEELING BETTER ALREADY. Thank You Jesus for this wonderful company...Eating like a pig already..Going to see Dr the 7th of Sept and tell them about what i,m doing..
and my husband has lung cancer and i have got him on thymic Formula now... God Bless us all...We found a miracle.
June E.
11:09:59 PM
I have Thymic Formula as my weapon
I have to thank your company yet again. I had a workshop I wanted to go to and two days before it I came down with the worst cold. This seems to be the story of my life, losing out.

HOWEVER, I immediately began taking my Thymic Formula at the max dose and it pounded that cold down to reasonable. I was able to go to my class and have a good time. Used to be I would have had to cancel and be miserably sick for about a month, my whole life has been like this!!

Since 1996, I have had a better life, thanks to your product. I don't know how, I don't know why, but it seems to zap the worst of the virus. My immunity is still bad, but I have Thymic Formula as my weapon.

I have actually run out before, and been horribly sick until my bottle of 'magic vitamins' arrived. It's so strange, I sometime start to feel better and forget a dose and the cold starts coming back! I don't know why it works but it sure does. Thank you so much for a great product!
Connie M. - Cheyenne, WY
10:56:36 PM
I love your products.
I gave my Mom the Thymic Formula during her cancer and it changed not only the quality of her life but she's cancer free! God Bless You John.
Debby E. - Elkton VA
5:55:19 PM
I ordered this for about six months and never got sick.
I have used this product and really like it. I was constantly getting sore throats and gland problems in my neck. I ordered this for about six months and never got sick. I ran out and didn't reorder and I relapsed and got a sore throat and sore neck glands. I have reordered this product again.
Lori H. - Cumming GA
6:49:19 PM
LOVE your product!
Denise H. - Nahunta GA
6:27:47 PM
My Favorite is the Thymic Formula
My favorite is the Thymic Formula vitamins. They are excellent!!
Marilyn K.
11:35:58 PM
Old Dog, New Tricks
I thought you'd like to know that I'm using the Thymic Formula for myself, my husband, one four year old dog that has a brain tumor which is reversing itself because of the Thymic Formula and an older dog who is growing younger despite the crippling lyme disease he has and he is much more agile due to the Thymic Formula. Unfortunately, I haven't found anything that combats old age...........
June E.
11:40:50 PM
Thank You!
Thank You!
I think it's important to say THANK YOU to people who help me. I first found out about your Thymic Formula at my favorite health food store, in 1996. I went there often, asking them for help with my crappy immune system. I would have years where I got >9 colds and bronchitis. Always went to the Doctor/s too. Nobody could ever help me. But when I tried the millionth thing from that health store it finally worked!

I keep a couple bottles of Thymic Formula around at all times and take the full dose whenever I feel a bug coming on. Sometimes it works so well I forget to take it the next day, and immediately feel the bug coming back! I have given half a bottle of Thymic Formula to a few people and now they agree it really helps them fight off a cold.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this product!
Allen M. - Long Beach CA
10:53:27 PM
Thank You.
I've been using the Complete Thymic Formula and have experienced some impressive results. Thank You.
Jack F. - Omaha NE
3:43:37 PM
Thank You Very Much!
I have enjoyed your high quality Complete Thymic Formula for several years as well as your wise counsel. Thank you very much!
Betty B. - Athens, GA
5:23:08 PM
This product has helped me immensely...
I have been using Thymic Formula for over a year and I feel that this product has helped me immensely...
Roseann G. - Jupiter FL
6:12:30 PM
What a Difference it Makes!
I take the Thymic Formula and what a difference it makes!
Byron B. - Hiawatha KS
3:49:57 PM
Works Great for Hep C!
This is amazing stuff.. I have Chronic Hep C, the protocol helps me keep it manageable, since there is no cure.. thank u for such a wonderful protocol!!!


“I don’t have to store a bunch of different herbs, vitamins, or mineral product jars in my health food cabinet.  I can take just the Complete Thymic Formula* and basically have all I need to strengthen and maintain a healthy immune system.”       G.F. – Duluth , GA

“I went on Dr. Carson B. Burgstiner’s Complete Thymic Formula* and subsequent tests have been normal.  The formula has not eradicated the virus entirely, but I am in remission and my liver enzymes are normal.  I will be forever grateful to Dr. Burgstiner.”     



“Your product is amazing!  I have MS, and I am overjoyed with the results that I have experienced since I started using it.  Complete Thymic Formula* has made a dramatic difference.  I feel much better, I have more energy, I have stopped needing afternoon naps.  I’m even losing weight…Bless you and your work.”       C.H. – Pittsburg , PA


Complete Thymic Formula* has enormously benefited my patients with psoriasis.  One particularly difficult case showed 90% improvement in just three months with the Thymic Formula alone!  I am thankful for having been introduced to this product.      Don Warren , ND Ottawa , Canada


“I have been a distributor of the Complete Thymic Formula* shipping world wide, for years and as a certified nutritional consultant I can tell you it is one of the best products on the market.  Whether you have a chronic illness or want to take the best care of yourself that you can, this formula meets those needs.  Thanks for such a wonderful product!”    R.J. – Shawnee , OK


“I am a 36 year old woman who is HIV+.  My doctor and I have been using your formula for the past two months.  My numbers have drastically changed for the better.  Thank you for all you have done for me.”

C.P. – Florence , SC


“You have restored good health, happiness and hope to all Hepatitis C carriers and others with chronic diseases.  After several attempts to find a treatment that would be successful for me, my gastroenterologist suggested that I try Complete Thymic Formula*.  I have been taking CTF for 3 years.  I started feeling better and my blood work improved immediately.  My doctor is very pleased with my progress.”     V.J. – Clarkesville , GA


“Praise the Lord and thank Jesus that I found you.  I have never felt better in my life.”       R.G. – Newton , MA


“I’m certain that with God’s help and your father’s formula, this is the reason for my current condition.  Thank you and God bless you and your staff!”       J.D. – Lyons , GA


“Thank you!  I have been on Complete Thymic Formula* for one year.  The doctors say I have Hepatitis C, but with the Complete Thymic Formula* and our Father in Heaven my ALT count is about 43, and my virus count has come down in half.  Thank you so much and God bless.  Please tell others.”    


Dr. Burgstiner’s Complete Thymic Formula* - Great immune enhancer.  Wonderful for people with immune deficiency and chronic viral problems.  I have had good success with this product for my hepatitis patients.

Dr. Seneca Anderson – Roswell , GA

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