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Advanced Blood Sugar Support Formula Designed to Improve Insulin Sensitivity and Stabilize Blood Sugar Metabolism

FitCose 1C Blood Sugar Support is a revolutionary supplement with seven proven nutrients designed to target the effects of Metabolic Syndrome


Target the Causes of Metabolic Syndrome with FitCose 1C

Struggling With High Blood Sugar, Insulin Resistance, Food Cravings and Midday Drowsiness?
FitCose 1C Blood Sugar Support 
is a revolutionary supplement with seven proven nutrients designed to target the effects of Metabolic Syndrome by promoting normal blood sugar levels, enhancing insulin sensitivity, and maintaining healthy 3-month average healthy blood sugar (A1C) levels. Each ingredient is in its most concentrated, bioavailable, bioactive form and in the proper dosage to provide the best results.

FitCose 1C is formulated to address every risk factor contributing to Metabolic Syndrome by:
  • Slowing the flow of dietary sugars into your bloodstream
  • Maintaining healthy pre- and post-meal blood sugar levels
  • Improving your 3-month average healthy blood sugar (A1C) levels
  • Lowering cardiac risk by lowering your LDL and triglyceride levels
  • Improving insulin sensitivity and curbing insulin resistance
  • Enhancing your cellular energy potential
  • Helping you achieve your ideal body weight
Metabolic Syndrome has reached epidemic proportions in America and in other countries that have adopted our dietary and lifestyle choices.  It is the main reason we lead the world in degenerative illnesses, fueling the insatiable sickness industry with debilitating symptoms to target, from diabetes and heart disease to hormonal and autoimmune disorders.

Metabolic Syndrome is characterized by the following conditions:
  • A waist circumference more than 40" in men and more than 35" in women
  • Serum triglycerides of 150 mg/dL or above
  • HDL cholesterol of 40 mg/dL or lower in men and 50 mg/dL or lower in women
  • Fasting blood glucose levels of 110 mg/dL or above
  • Blood pressure readings of 130/85 or higher

Lets be honest here. Metabolic Syndrome is essentially a lifestyle disease brought on by consistently poor choices.  Only by adopting a healthy balanced diet and embracing a consistent exercise regimen can one hope to escape its devastating consequences. That being said, FitCose 1C targets every risk factor involved and may not only help prevent but even reverse the metabolic conditions underlying Metabolic Syndrome. Taken together with proper lifestyle changes, FitCose 1C can dramatically alter your future health and quality of life.
What's In it For You?

Make no mistake folks, this is quite possibly the most life changing natural medicine we have ever formulated! 

FitCose 1C is crafted with ultra high potency, pharmaceutical grade extracts that are many times more powerful than typical preparations. People with metabolic syndrome are at a tremendous disadvantage in trying to kick start their metabolism and get back on track, but FitCose 1C offers powerful, immediate support to help you in your transition to better health.

Each serving of FitCose 1C provides a therapeutic dose of the following:

Berberine (Full 1000 mg therapeutic dose used in most studies)

Extracted from a variety of exotic plants, such as Chinese goldenthread, barberry, and Oregon grape, Berberine is without a doubt one of the most highly effective ingredients for blood sugar support. Originally used in ancient Chinese medicine to help digestion, fight infection and boost immunity, current research has discovered that concentrated berberine has an amazing ability to lower blood sugar. 

Clinical trials using Berberine on patients with newly diagnosed metabolic syndrome noted significant reductions in blood glucose, A1C, fasting insulin levels, and insulin sensitivity.1

Berberine facilitates the entry of glucose from your blood into your cells by enhancing the function of AMPK proteins. AMPK helps regulate glucose uptake and the synthesis of glucose transporters—which move glucose into your cells, where it is converted to energy.

Berberine may also increase the number and activity of insulin receptors, further promoting insulin sensitivity. On top of that, AMPK facilitates the burning of fatty acids in your cells, which is why it is such a powerful tool for keeping blood lipid levels in check and helping lower LDL and triglycerides. Berberine has also been shown to inhibit the growth of bacteria in test tubes, and may help the immune system function better.

Cinnamon Extract (cinnamomum cassia 10:1 extract equivalent to taking 600 mg per capsule of regular cinnamon powder) 

Research demonstrates that cinnamon can actually promote the absorption of berberine in the intestines and increase its concentration in the blood.2 In other words, the bioavailability and potency of berberine increases! 

Cinnamon may improve some key risk factors for heart disease, including cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure. Containing large amounts of highly potent polyphenol antioxidants, it has been used as both a spice and a natural medicine throughout history, dating back as far as Ancient Egypt.

Well known for its blood sugar benefits, cinnamon contains a water-soluble polyphenol called methylhydroxychalcone (MHCP). Evidence suggests that MHCP may help activate insulin receptors and work synergistically with insulin to improve insulin sensitivity, which helps increase glucose utilization in the body.

What’s more, cinnamomum cassia also has its own unique benefits: it functions much like your body’s natural insulin, the key that "unlocks the doors” of your cells so glucose can get in. It has long been a primary go to nutrient for helping foster better blood sugar levels and long-term support. 

Alpha Lipoic Acid 

Alpha lipoic acid is a vitamin-like antioxidant that is both fat and water soluble. This allows it to enter all parts of the cell to neutralize free radicals. One randomized, controlled study measured the effect of ALA supplementation on “flow mediated dilation”— a critical heart health marker doctors use to measure circulation. The study showed that supplementing with 300 mg of ALA per day for four weeks improved blood flow by 44%.3 

This therapeutic dosage also fuels and recycles glutathione production, the body's quintessential antioxidant. This powerful antioxidant appears to improve insulin sensitivity and prevent blood sugar complications such as neuropathy and kidney damage.

Gymnema Sylvestre Extract (4:1 extract equivalent to taking 300 mg per capsule of regular Gymnema powder) 

Gymnema has a long history of use in Ayurvedic medicine. The Hindi name, gurmar, means "destroyer of sugar.” Gymnema extract comes from the leaves of a climbing plant native to the forests of central and south India and has been used since the sixth century B.C. 

The leaves of the plant contain gymnemic acids that have been shown to slow transport of glucose from the intestines to the blood stream which may help to keep blood glucose levels in the normal range.4 

Gymnema might increase insulin production by the pancreas and improve the cells’ responsiveness to insulin. Gymnema may also increase the amount of insulin in the body and increase the growth of cells in the pancreas.

Turmeric Extract (95%) 

Turmeric is a high potency source of Curcumin, a powerful natural medicine that not only neutralizes free radicals on its own, it also stimulates the body's own antioxidant enzymes. It has been used traditionally in India and Asia for thousands of years to alleviate aches and pains and as an anti-inflammatory agent. Curcumin has been shown to possess antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-cancer activities, and therefore may offer therapeutic potential for a wide range of chronic illnesses.

Resveratrol (Polygonum Cuspidatum Extract - 50% Trans Resveratrol)

Rich in red wine polyphenols, Resveratrol is renowned for its contributions to better cardiovascular health, incredible free-radical fighting power, and reduced oxidative stress and inflammation. All in all, each serving of FitCose 1C gives you the same amount of healthy Trans Resveratrol as in 34 glasses of red wine!

Chromium (polynicotinate) 

Chromium helps to overcome insulin resistance—naturally. Chromium, an essential trace mineral, facilitates the action of insulin, glucose, protein, and fat metabolism.

Studies suggest that this essential trace mineral excels in boosting insulin sensitivity for sugar and fat metabolism, and it facilitates insulin’s uptake of glucose into your cells. FitCose 1C includes niacin-bound chromium polynicotinate - a highly absorbable chromium - so you can be sure your body is actually absorbing the chromium you need.

CAUTION: Consult your physician before taking FitCose 1C if you have known kidney disease.

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