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Renaissance Activated Whey is Designed to Rebuild Your Body With Amino Acids and Bioactive Peptides!

Renaissance Activated Whey Protein can increase protein absorption up to three times so that amino acids in the bloodstream are up to 55 times higher compared to other leading protein formulas on the market today! What does this mean for you? Greater results with a much lower dose, and freedom from the discomfort that often accompanies protein supplementation.


Seventh and Final Component of Burgstiner Wellness Protocol Revealed!

Renaissance Activated Whey Protein? with Rejuvenase?
is designed to restore and rebuild your body with amino acids and biologically active peptides. Renaissance Activated Whey is the seventh and final component of the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol - our comprehensive nutritional support program that has already transformed countless broken lives around the world.

This breakthrough whey protein is totally unique, like nothing else on the market today, and it's available in both ultra-delicious vanilla and chocolate flavors. Everybody loves Renaissance Activated Whey and it has become an instant favorite for smoothies, protein drinks and on-the-run portable shakes that mix it with water.

Not only does Renaissance Activated Whey deliver high-potency protein to your body, it also has many other benefits in support of your personal health goals:
  • Helps support strength and conditioning
  • Boosts immunity, energy and endurance
  • Delivers essential nutrients, amino acids, and biologically active peptides to your body
  • Helps manage healthy weight and curbs cravings
  • Helps you maintain a nourishing low-carb and low-glycemic diet
The human body undergoes a constant process of maintenance through replacing cells and repairing tissues. Since dietary protein is essential to this process, more and more people are turning to protein supplements to help fuel their body?s needs. Not only are amino acids quite literally the building blocks of our every cell and tissue, they form tiny bioactive peptides that have profound influences on our health!

Nine of the 20 amino acids the body uses are essential (cannot be manufactured by the body) and must be obtained through diet and/or supplementation. However, all amino acids may become essential if the body is unable to produce them or produce them fast enough to keep up with the demand for protein synthesis. Unlike fat and starch, the human body does not store excess amino acids for later use?the amino acids must be in the food supply every day.

Who Needs to Supplement With Whey Protein?

Anyone can benefit from protein supplementation, but people with low protein diets or eating disorders, liver disease, diabetes or people with certain genetic conditions may need to take amino acid supplements to avoid a deficiency. Physically active people may need to supplement with protein due to the high rate of protein synthesis that occurs when building and repairing muscle and tissue during and after workouts. Protein supplementation is also a common practice to promote muscle building and muscle recovery for people who experience muscle wasting due to disease or treatment of disease. In all these cases, protein supplementation has been shown to increase muscle protein synthesis and reduce muscle protein degradation.

Overcoming the Challenges Inherent to Protein Supplementation

Although Logos has produced an ultra high quality protein powder for many years, we have been reluctant to actively promote it due to the difficulty many people have in digesting and assimilating supplemental protein. Its no secret that traditional protein supplements can cause nausea, gas, bloating, cramping, diarrhea, etc. because of large pro-inflammatory peptide fragments that are formed in the digestive process - not to mention the stress they can put on the kidneys and liver.

Our manufacturing partner happens to be one of the industry leaders in the production and sales of protein powders. Responding to the challenges inherent to protein supplementation, they were involved in the seminal research behind a new proprietary enzyme formula designed to enhance protein digestion and eliminate the presence of large peptides that can promote inflammation and cause discomfort. From that research emerged Rejuvenase?, which we recently made available to be used to enhance digestion of any form of dietary protein.

How We Unlocked the Magic of Whey!

Having overcome all of the normal drawbacks of protein supplementation, we set out to combine Rejuvenase with whey protein from milk, the cleanest, purest and most desirable form of protein. In the process, we unlocked the magic of whey. Think about it. Humans are designed to live their first year of life acquiring all of their nutrient needs from mother?s milk. Obviously, there are some very special properties of milk for it to not only sustain us, but fuel incredible growth and development during our most critical first year of life.

Renaissance Activated Whey Protein w/ Rejuvenase
maximizes all of the beneficial properties of whey by producing massive quantities of pure amino acids and small biologically active peptides. These tiny bioactive molecules are intimately involved in numerous aspects of metabolism - some of which have not yet been discovered or fully understood.

The best known of these small peptides is a tripeptide called glutathione - the body?s quintessential antioxidant, without which our cells would quickly die. From maintenance and repair of damaged or diseased tissues to regulation of cellular communication or hormonal and organ systems, bioactive peptides control virtually all cellular processes. Amino acids are the building blocks of healthy muscles, skin, nails and other body tissue.

Renaissance Activated Whey Protein
can increase protein absorption up to three times so that amino acids in the bloodstream are up to 55 times higher compared to other leading protein formulas on the market today!

Greater Results With a Much Lower Dose!

What does this mean for you? Greater results with a much lower dose, and freedom from the discomfort that often accompanies protein supplementation. So it is that the final and most powerful component of our Burgstiner Wellness Protocol has been revealed. We have never seen a supplement with more potential to transform life and health! Renaissance Activated Whey contains no added sugars (it is sweetened with Stevia), fats or fillers, and is extremely low in carbs. You simply won't find a cleaner source of protein that contains:
  • NO Refined Sugars
  • NO Soy or Corn Products
  • NO GMOs
  • NO Sucralose or Chemical Sweeteners
  • NO Maltodextrin
  • NO Artificial Flavors
  • NO Pesticides or Herbicides
  • NO Wheat or Gluten
  • NO Sugar Alcohols
  • NO Antibiotics
  • NO rGBH

Renaissance Activated Whey makes every other whey protein instantly obsolete. Nothing else combines the amazing flavor, amazing sweet taste and high protein content in a smooth, soluble powder that blends right into any liquid (water, nut milks, coconut water, etc.). With the Logos Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee you have nothing to lose, so try a canister today!

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