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Posted: Tuesday May 26, 2009


Hello: I just want everyone to know how pleased, excited and thankful I am to have found Dr. Burgstiner's Complete Thymic Formula. I am also grateful for his dedication and hard work to invent this formula as there are many of us who prefer to take the natural way to treat an illness and to maintain good health rather than take harsh medications.

In 1988 I was diagnosed with non A, non B hepatitis, back then it was not named hepatitis C and apparently not considered life threatening either. I landed in the hospital a few days after getting a tetanus shot due to being bit by a dog. I was jaundice and was having convulsions. My ALT's were off the charts and I was bed ridden for a week. After that bad experience I got better and of course my doctor told me not to drink alcohol and eat healthy and I did what she said but I still felt weak. Years went by and I experimented with different supplements with little results. More than 10 years had passed when I went in for a physical and had blood work done. I had always had my liver enzyme tested every 6 months but I had to change doctors and she picked up on the non A, non B blood work done years before; tested for hepatitis C and sure enough there it was. The PCR showed a count of over 1 million. I was scared and felt cheated that I had not known this a long time ago since non A and non B was finally considered hepatitis C around 1991. My new doctor wanted me to get a liver biopsy and see a specialist but after looking it up on the internet and seeing the treatment options I decided to opt out on that. So in 1997 I stumbled across Dr. Burgstiner's website and starting ordering the CTF. It made a wonderful difference in how I felt...feel. My energy level sky rocketed, my attitude got back to normal. When I was sluggish I felt cranky. I know this because when I go off of it for one week every 4 months to cycle it out of my system I really feel the difference. This formula has and is renewing my energy level and is keeping my ALT's in normal range for 13 years and counting. I never get sick or miss work. As best as I can figure, I've had hepatitis C since 1981 when I received blood after my last c section while having my son. He is now 28 yrs old.

I'm still going strong and healthy and I plan to live to be a very old lady and without meds. Never have taken them but that is my choice. I also choose not to drink any alcohol what so ever, that's the worst you can do for your liver. I am not claiming to be cured because I have not had a PCR done since 1998 which may sound crazy but again..it's my choice.

I recommend CTF to everyone, hepatitis or not. I listen to people who suffer with so many different ailments whose immune systems aren't compromised by a deadly virus and then I feel my good health... I know it is by the grace of my creator that I was shown the way to what I was looking for and now I can help others. The doctor I have now is astonished. Life is good. Thanks Burgstiners for carrying on your fathers legacy.



Posted: Wed Mar 10, 2004 5:19 pm Post subject: Hep C Miracle

Terry Thomas, M.S.A., RN Guest

Dear Mr. Burgstiner,

God Bless You!

I wanted to write and thank you for your company's products. I have Hepatitis C. After taking your Complete Thymic Formula, my quantitative PCR went from 1,907.30 IU/ml to 114 IU/ml. This is amazing enough but that isn't the whole story. I have the worst genotype - 1B- (the worst likelihood of responding to any treatment). I have cirrhosis and necrosis (damaged and dead liver tissue). This limits both the possible treatments and potential benefits of those treatments. The medical doctors refused for over four years to treat me. Because I was a "non-responder" with so much existing damage, they refused to offer me any form of treatment. One even told me to go home and allow the virus to run its course - he gave me six months to live. Thankfully, a resident at the University of Michigan didn't care for the options I was given. He told me to get the book by Naomi Judd - where she talked about Thymic Formula and how it helped put her into remission. He also suggested for me to see a Herbologist about getting some milk thistle. I did both.

My blood studies kept improving to the point where my doctors finally agreed to put me on "the treatment". With all the strikes I had against me, the doctors assured me that I was both wasting my time and money. There was a very slim chance of it doing anything and it could even kill me.

Taking the medications that I did (Yes I considerThymic Formula one of my most important medicines) I never got any more nausea than I had before, my energy level actually improved and my core virus is now less than 10 IU/ml. My liver enzymes (SGOT and SGPT) have gone from 67 and 92 to 33 and 36, which is normal. My hemoglobin did not go down when I was on the treatment - the Dr. said he had never seen that happen with any of his other patients taking Interferon and Ribavarin - he even accused me of not taking my medications. I convinced him that I was and I told him I was on Thymic Formula too.

I have told everyone that I have come across what Thymic Formula has done for me. Please don't stop making it, it is a life saver! I give you permission to use any and all parts of this letter. If it helps you save even one life or make the treatment more bearable, it will be more than worth it.

In His Holy Name,

Terry A. J. Thomas
(Medic/Paramedic/Physican Extender/R.N./Healthcare Administrator)

Posted: Mon Feb 16, 2004 6:13 pm Post subject: The results were great!

Don Howard Guest


My name is Don Howard. I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C back in 1993. I heard about Dr. Burgstiner's Complete Thymic Formula from other Hep C patients and decided to try it for myself. After taking it for one year, all of my blood tests were normal, including my cholesterol, liver enzymes and a quantitative PCR test. This was the first time my blood tests and liver tests had been normal since I was first diagnosed with the disease in 1993. I also noticed I never got sick with a cold or flu during this time, which was also a first for me since 1993!

It took about 45 days of continuous taking of the formula, 3 pills in the morning and 3 pills at night before I really started noticing the great effects of taking Dr. Burgstiner's Thymic Formula. I strongly recommend you try it for yourself. I will take it forever. It really is a great product!


Don Howard

Posted: Mon Oct 14, 2002 1:42 pm Post subject: truly a God send

Bishop Richard E. Smith

In 1995, I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C Virus. At the time, the effects of this disease had not become distinctively apparent to me, although I did, however, notice some change with respect to weight loss and intermittent periods of fatigue. As time progressed, specifically in October of 1997, I noticed a significant change, which manifested itself as flu-like symptoms, which were accompanied by an even greater weight loss for total of 28 pounds. I recently had remarried (September 1997). After several doctor's office visits, one of which included a liver biopsy and extensive blood work, I was informed that I was class C (end stage) Hepatitis infected and approximately one-third of my liver was damaged and my spleen was enlarged.

This news was quite devastating to my wife, who was a new bride, and coupled with teh fact that my deceased wife died of primary biliary cirrhosis in 1993, our future began to look quite bleak, to say the least.

Being a Spirit-filled Pastor/teacher with 26 years of ministerial experience, I immediately began to confess the Word of God as it applied to my dilemma. But my dearly beloved wife, in addition to prayer, began to search the Internet for answers relative to Hepatitis C. (Incidentally, in 1985 I was injured by a Skilsaw, which severely lacerated my right knee area. This injury required surgery and several days hospitalization. It was at this time I received one unit of whole blood. Since Hepatitis C was virtually unknown at that time, this blood was not tested for the virus).

After days of searching, my wife came across information regarding a formula that had a very high rating on Hepatitis Central. I had refused to recieve any type of artificial treatment (Interferon, Ribaferon, etc.) and felt let of the Lord to approach this problem from a strict, natural view, we ordered the product. After 30 days of use, I returned to the physician and was informed that my total bilirubin count has dropped at least two points.

Since that time, I have continued to take this wonderful formula whith the exception of three months. During that period, I seemed to revert back to the same tiredness syndrome and severe flu-like symptoms. After restarting the program, my energy returned, as well as my appetite. My countenance has returned to a healthy-looking state.

To all who suffer from Hepatitis in whatever form, I truly believe that this formula, which was pioneered by Dr. Burgstiner, and whose legacy and work has been carried on by his son, John, is truly a God send adn a door of hope for all who suffer. If taker diligently and combined with faith, this formula will yield positive results.


Bishop Richard E. Smith, Sr. Ph.D., N.D. Candidate

Posted: Thu Feb 12, 2004 2:08 pm Post subject: CTF has been a Godsend...

Daniel K. Welch

Dear Jill,

It was a real pleasure talking with you regarding my use of your product Thymic Formula. Your genuine concern, thoughtfulness and sincerity make you a true asset of Preventive Therapeutics, Inc. More often than not, in today's fast paced, short tempered world, people are downright rude.

So... thanks for listening to my life's history during our recent phone conversation. Thymic Formula to me has been a Godsend, bordering on being a modern medical miracle! I was in a near fatal car accident in 1985 on the Florida Turnpike. I received two units of blood and was hospitalized for 28 days, followed by several years of surgeries and physical therapy.

In 1999 I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. Jill, after years of fatigue, poor appetite, severe arthritis in the fingers, ankles and shoulders, poor sleep cycles, and bouts of depression, I FEEL LIKE A NEW PERSON! Thymic Formula addresses all of the body's requirements for continual nourishment. Therefore, many of my problems have completely vanished. The choices for treating Hepatitis C consist of Interferon or Thymic Formula. I feel so fortunate to have chosen your product ($39 as opposed to $2,000).

More than three years of taking Complete Thymic Formula, I'm back to playing golf and even made a hole in one recently. I'm probably your best "street salesperson", the proof is in the walk, not the talk. People at the golf course are amazed that I can hit a golf ball so good after being crushed in that horrific car wreck.

Because of my using Thymic Formula, no alcohol, lots of water and a little common sense, I feel indebted to your company, their research and Complete Thymic Formula for my much improved health! This I sincerelly believe.

I have told this story to so many people in the vitamin isle when I see them reaching for "Centrum" or "One a day", etc...I then justify the price by explaining that "for the price of a small cup of coffe a day" they can get healthy like me, 47 yrs, feel like 27. You get what you pay for, and that's a fact with Thymic Formula. It is worth every dime.

Again, I thank you and your company as do the dozens of people that I have introduced to your product for our continual good health.

Sincerely yours,

Daniel K. Welch

Posted: Sun Oct 20, 2002 10:15 pm Post subject: Rheumatoid Arthritis


There has been notable research done to conclude that Rheumatoid Arthritis is probably one of the new additions to the list of "auto immune diseases". The mechanism being an inbalance of the T4/T8 ratio. Complete Thymic Formula ballances out the T4/T8 ratio. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have been on CTF for four months. I know it has definitly helped my condition by reducing imflamation. I stopped taking CTF for just three days and could feel the difference, and quickly resumed taking the foumula with the same possitive results. May I also say my overall health has improved since starting CTF.

In my thirty years as a health care professional(Paramedic/LVN/ Certified Massage Therapist), I have found that it's the Intent of the person/s, that makes the difference in any form of therapeutic intervention. PTI has the highest intention in presenting their Thymic Formula, and the key is Prevention. In my extensive study of supplements, vitamins, herbs, and homeopathy, I have found CTF to be the finest vitamin/thymic formula available. I will continue taking CTF as long as God permits, and will respond to questions anyone has about my experience with CTF.

One final comment, and that is the PTI staff are all just outstanding. No matter what your concerns are, they are always kind, courteous, and helpfull. Thank you.


Posted: Tue Oct 01, 2002 10:03 pm Post subject: Complete remission from Hep C!

Lee Jones

My name is Lee and I live in Alabama. 6 years ago I had a friend diagnosed with Hep C. I told him about your product and after 6 months on CTF and Interferon treatement, he had a complete remission from Hep C! He met others receiving treatment from Hep C who claimed that your Thymic formula made the difference between those gaining remission and those that relapsed with Hep C!!! So, he became a real believer in Complete Thymic Formula. At that time, I had Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease. I couldn't even walk and catch my breath. So, I, too, started taking your product. Over three years later, now, I can breathe without using an inhalor! I actually walk at least two miles a day. What a difference! Two years ago another friend of mine was diagnosed with Hep C. His liver enzymes were extremely high. Because of a history of depression he could not tolerate the Interferon/Ribaviron and was told he couldn't receive it because it was contraindicated because of his suicidal depression. He had no hope until I told him of your formula. He began taking the CTF and within 3 months his liver enzymes returned to normal!!! This was WITHOUT any traditional medical treatment! Now he is working full time and is in good health on your product alone. I am so grateful that you have made this available. Also I really appreciate Jill who takes the phone orders (and who offers her love and support to the callers). I always receive my order in a day or two. Y'all know how much we depend on your product for our better health!!!

Posted: Sun Oct 20, 2002 10:09 pm Post subject: reduction in viral load


My wife and I both found out that we had Hep C 20 months ago. We immediatly began taking alternative medicines. We took Thymic formula along with a few other supplements (Cysteplus, Vit C...). Three months later we saw a Hep Doctor who advised us to start interferon et al. He also checked our Viral load and genotype. Both have 1b, my viral load was 4 million and my wife's was 750,000. We chose to continue with the Thymic formula, etc.. to see if we could improve that way. We were feeling a bit better in that 3 month period anyway. Six months later we rechecked our viral loads and found that mine had dropped to 279,000 and my wife's went to 46,000. Another six months later we checked again and found that both our viral loads remained where they last were. My wife's enzymes were never elevated. Mine were but have dropped to about half. We both feel pretty good now and believe the Thymic formula is a large part of our improvement. Thank you PTI. Good luck to all and keep the faith.

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